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Climb Alongside Mental Health



Climb Alongside Mental Health (C/A/M), is a non-profit awareness movement dedicated to promoting the positive effects of rock climbing in helping with mental health, including (but not exclusive to) depression, self-injury, and thoughts of suicide.


Connecting people within the global climbing community, our role is to motivate and encourage honest conversations amongst climbers about how climbing has contributed, and keeps contributing, in a beneficial way to their mental wellbeing. Our aim is that in doing so, those suffering from depression and issues of mental health that have never thought about taking up the sport, might want to give it a go, and may also experience benefits to their mental health.




To do this however: WE NEED YOU!


We’d like to encourage you, as a part of the climbing community to use the hashtag #WeveGotYouSpotted alongside C / A / M. Please include it on your climbing social media posts and write it, with a marker on your T-shirts or chalk bags, bouldering mats or rock guides. Please share our social media posts to climbers and non-climbers alike. 


With this simple act, we hope to spread the word about the movement and raise awareness about our cause: Just as climbing has helped us, and continues to help us in our mental health; it might be able to help someone else. 


If climbing has had a positive effect on your mental health. We would love to hear and share your story. Any or Every little bit of it. Publicly or Anonymously. A story can help, it can inspire. 




If you feel like you know of anyone who might be suffering or having a hard time, please direct them to this website or, even better yet, take them climbing!


This is our message to all those who are suffering who have never tried climbing before:​

We offer climbing to you…It has helped us…and continues to help us.

Perhaps it could help you too.



C / A / M

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