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Steps to take:

For climbing walls outside of Sheffield

1. Ensure you have your referral form signed by the professional that referred you (e.g. your GP). 

2. Book onto a taster/induction session at your participating wall, by calling them. At this point, mention that you have been referred for the free session as part of the C/A/M climbing initiative. Also let them know if you are booking an additional person on the session with you. You are allowed to bring one accompanying adult for free to join you. 


Your GP/Counsellor etc. may book the session for you - between you, you will need to decide who is booking it. 

3. Bring your referral form for the session at the climbing wall and hand it to the reception staff. They will keep the form in a secure place (or dispose of it securely), to protect your confidentiality. 

4. Enjoy the climbing session! 


5. If you found it beneficial, consider returning. Most centres run social groups on certain nights where you can meet other people to climb with. To find out about this, have a look at your local climbing centre's website, or speak to the staff at the centre. 

Soon we will have a FAQ page on the website, with questions on what to expect during the session. But for now, if you are unsure or worried about anything, feel free to get in touch with us and/or your local climbing wall via email or social media and we will do our best to respond in a timely fashion.  

For The Foundry in Sheffield

1. Your mental health professional (GP etc.) will have contacted the centre on your behalf. The centre will either email them with your voucher (for yourself and one accompanying person), or email you directly if you have agreed to that. 

2. Book onto a session - the email will also contain all of the booking information required. 

3. As above, turn up to the centre once booked in, and enjoy the session!

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