Steps to take to support the C/A/M Climbing Initiative:

1. Contact us at saying you would like to be a participating centre.

2. Share our social media post stating that you are now supporting the C/A/M climbing initiative.

3. Put up a poster in your centre (for now, download and print yourselves - from the Poster tab in the menu. In the near future we will be send you an information pack which will contain posters for your centre).

4. Tell any Healthcare Professionals (such as GPs, Counsellors, Therapists, Psychologists) that you know in your local area that you are supporting the initiative and that they can start referring eligible patients to your centre. 

5. Ensure all members of staff are briefed about the initiative. 

6. When someone calls up and mentions they are being referred through C/A/M, treat their call with sensitivity.

7. When someone shows up with a referral form for a session, provide them and up to one accompanying adult with a free session, and any necessary equipment (e.g. shoe hire). 

8. When they hand you the referral form, again, treat this with sensitivity - they may not want to talk about it openly or bring attention to it, especially if it is busy in the reception area. Once you have the form, immediately store it in a secure location (ideally, in a locked box or filing cabinet), as it contains sensitive personal information. For now, if you have a secure location for storing these forms, please keep them, as we would like to be able to track the number of individuals who take up these referrals. Please note, we will never ask for individuals' names, just a tally of numbers. If you do not have anywhere secure to keep these forms, please dispose of them sensitively (ideally, shredding them).