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Steps to take to refer a patient/client to the C/A/M Climbing Initiative:

1. Using your professional expertise, identify whether a patient/client may find climbing a beneficial activity to try out. 

2. Check that there are supporting walls in your local area: Look at the list under the 'Climbing Initiative' tab on the menu. (If there aren't yet any, perhaps mention the initiative to your local wall and see if they would like to participate). 

2. Discuss with your patient/client.

3. Download, print, and fill in (sign) the referral form: Found in the 'Referral Form' tab under 'Climbing Initiative' in the Menu. (If you are referring patients to The Foundry, please see the instructions at the bottom)*

4. Give the completed form to your patient/client. 

5. They can now book a session as they wish. OR, you can book it for them and mention that they are wishing to try it as part of the C/A/M climbing initiative. 

6. Your patient/client takes the referral form and hands it to the supporting climbing centre at the start of their booked session. 

7. Follow up with your patient/client as usual practice. We would recommend booking a follow up appointment to discuss whether this experience was a useful step for them to take, and if so, how they could continue to participate (e.g. going regularly, joining a local climbing club etc.). 

*For professionals that would be referring patients to The Foundry, in Sheffield. Please do the following:

Step 3: Email the Foundry at: stating that you have a client/patient that wishes to book onto a free taster session as per the C/A/M climbing initiative. With your patient's agreement, provide their email address and the Foundry will then email them the voucher and access to an online booking form for the session. Alternatively, if the patient prefers, and you have the capacity to do so, you can act as communicator between the patient and the wall, receive the voucher to your email address instead of theirs, and help them to book the session online. Whichever works best.

If you have a patient/client who is under 18 (and especially for under 16s), please check with your participating climbing wall what their rules are e.g. whether they will need an accompanying adult with them.

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