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Pilot Scheme at The Climbing Lab, Leeds

We are now trialling a new initiative at The Climbing Lab, Leeds. 

Adults who are also eligible for the one-off free introductory session can now also be referred for additional free climbing sessions. 

They can either receive:

1) A 5 climb punch-card, entitling them to 5 free entries to the Climbing Lab. These are not instructor-led. *Climbing shoes and chalk not included in the offer. 


2) A place on the 4 week kickstarter course. This is a group based instructor-led climbing course aimed at beginners and intermediates. It teaches basic climbing skills and techniques. These courses take place on a weekday evening, once a week for 4 weeks. Climbing shoes and chalk are included in this offer. 

After this, they will receive student discount entry prices to the Climbing Lab. 

To refer someone for this, the same criteria applies as for the standard Climbing Initiative (referer must be of a relevant profession).  

For more details, please read the information letter for healthcare professionals, below.

If you have any further questions or would like to refer someone, please email us at 


Once we have been emailed your completed referral form, someone at C/A/M will get in touch with you by email or phone to let you know that the pre-payment for the 5 punch card has been successful, or to discuss booking you onto the 4 week kickstarter course.


Once that has been booked, you will be able to turn up and climb*! 

*However, if you are not already a member of the Climbing Lab, you will need to become one, which you can do via their website: . If you have never climbed before, you will also need to have an introductory session, this will be free of charge as you have been referred through us. If this is the case, the Climbing Lab will get in touch with you to book this session before you can begin using your 5-climb punch-card. 

For the 5 punch card offer, turn up any time the wall is open, sign in, and climb. If you don't have climbing shoes, you can hire these for £3 at their reception. 


For the kickstarter course, turn up at the time specified, sign in, and join the group course. 



Pilot Scheme Referral Form

Information Letter for Healthcare Professionals

Flier advertising the pilot scheme

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