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Recently, a close friend of mine fell into depression. Unknowingly to me, he fell deeper and deeper into his depression to the point where he felt that his only escape from it was to take his own life. This hit me in a way I couldn’t explain. The help and support I have received from my friends and family has helped me to the point where I am once again stable. However, my friend forever remains on my mind...He will probably always. . Climbing, as a method of mindfulness is massively powerful. When rock climbing your mind and body must be continuously in the moment, focusing on the next move. This is how climbing helps me. I find in climbing, there is a relief. I become lost in the route, nothing matters except the next move, how I need to adjust my body for the move after that. . To anyone feeling trapped, why not give climbing a go? Climbing can be an escape from the stress of everyday life. Whilst It is too late for my friend, I can’t tell him how I feel. It’s important that you let your friends and family know you are there for them.


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